All of us, we dream to be married to someone we love.

Someone we want to be in our life. Someone that will never let us down and uplift us always. Someone that will forever stay on our side through ups and downs. We all need someone to make us happy, and never get tired to put a smile on our face. Someone that is willing to give us the love and care that we deserve. We always look forward to meeting that person in our life. And when we find them, we should never let them go. According to Mile end escorts of

Until now, I still can’t believe to have the extraordinary person in me. Someone I love to become my wife. She is beautiful, kind, generous and anything good to describe. Sometimes I asked God how a beautiful and loving woman end up to me. What have I done right to be very lucky? She is just an ideal woman, everyone chased. Jacki is my neighbor, and when we were kids, I do have feelings for her already. Many times I try to let her know my feelings, but shame and nervous blocked it. I am afraid she will distance or reject me. I fear to hear “I don’t like you” from her. I think I cannot accept it. So, I stay friends with her, control my emotions and become silent about it. She is friendly; everyone likes her so much. We’re friends but embarrassed to join her group. She is smart and always on top of the class. Sometimes she enters the competition and brings pride to the school. We became close during high school, we had a project, and we are partners. We did it inside and outside the school, and that is the start of our closeness with each other. We are always together in school, and that made more inspired every day. I was about to confess my feelings after graduation, but again it was blocked since she and her family will move to London. I had no communication with her for many years, but I never replaced her in my heart. I keep reminiscing about our memories together. She had no social media and its hard for me to find her.

Years passed, I graduate from college and work. Later on, I had built my own company and manage it. I go to London for business, but I was not expecting that I will meet Jacki, it’s been years since we’ve part ways. I book Mile End Escorts and grateful to see Jacki. She blooms into a beautiful, beautiful lady now. I don’t want to miss the opportunity again, and blocked by anything, I had told her my feelings, and until now she is the one. We keep the communication with each other until she finally said yes to me. I can’t wait for any longer and propose her. I can’t believe I marry a Mile End Escorts.

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